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  • Maintenance

    Every month we will check to anticipate the possibility of damage, cleanliness for the smooth process of your work. Where this maintenance we provide for free without any cost ering.

  • Training

    Know-how has become an important factor for success and competitive advantages. Your employees can assure quality and optimize procedures if they are familiar with the latest information about measurement procedures and guidelines.

  • Service After Purchase.

    In the case of functional defects, please send your unit with a short description of the defect to the customer service center in Karsamudika or to your nearest customer service office.

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Headline News
  • Thermography on bio-gas plants - a special project
    "Tasks need solutions" is the philosophy of the engineers office and analytical laboratory M. Uphoff e.K. in Aschau, Germany (www.uphoff.org). True to this motto, the laboratory has found the solution for the project "Determination of undesired thermal loss in bio-gas plants".
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